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V. Tired

In lieu of a post, email:

Lights are off, found the switch, praise someone. Hope to hear from someone in the morning.

On 5/1/06, Adric Net <..> wrote:
> Uh, so I got home, with some of the furniture and stuff (see LJ
> maybe), but the car is so packed full of it that I don't think it
> would be safe to drive (again) (in the day). *faceplant*
> Also am v. tired. Ow.
> So anyone who can stop by on their way to work to help me dislodge a
> futon and a giant CRT from my car .. that would be great. I'll buy
> breakfast or something .. *sigh*
> Oh, and there are a half dozen bookcases and some other assorted
> goodies still to be moved from their (extremely temporary) location in
> May-retta .. but that's for tomorrow, with truck(s) .. as in I may get
> a stoage unit here in the neighbourhood and rent a truck or something
> .. (3 full size shelves, 3 half height shelves, an office chair .. two
> collapsible tables ..)
> Now if only the interior lights in the car will go out ... *peeks out
> front* .. aw, crap they haven't yet...
> this is me going off to try and move the futon then .. do call in the
> morning, please.
Perhaps I will post to explain when it's all over.
Tags: futon

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