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Social Life?

For those of you waiting with antici .. pation for the latest sordid details of my personal life:

I spent Saturday hacking around in SUnit and Squeak, getting a little more comfortable with TDD (which has little to do with telecom of the hearing-impaired), partly motivated by some of the columns archived at XP Dot Com, and partly by the Hedgehog release of OpenCroquet, a 3D collaboration and education environment that runs in Squeak. Lots of Star Trek: the Next Generation was watched off TiVo, and I sucumbed to a minor temptation from an evil power. I will of course relate the evil details of my bargain as they become apparent.

Between the mechanics of scoring bowling, more complex than I had initially recalled, and idiomatic Smalltalk code, it was all quite mind bending. Amusingly, my knowledge of Ruby helped me pick out some of the Smalltalk, which is about like using 21 C NorthAm street slang to puzzle out Victorian Londoner conversational idioms. Some things, like [:blocks ] are surprisingly unchanged. Also cheerful is that I seem to finally grasp the browser/changeset/project/image uh .. system .. now I only need to puzzle out SqueakMap and Monticello. Oh, and learn to actually read and code Smalltalk. *sigh*

MIT OCW has a remedial programming class for those who need it before 6.001, numbered 6.090. It is primarily concerned with basic Scheme hacking. While finding that I was once again flabberglasted by their course offerings, if only in EE/CS. I was unable to find a class on Smalltalk, at least not from the titles, although it was implicated in several.

I failed abjectly to go the party as planned for Saturday night, or to leave the house, although I have checked the mail and put out the rubbish this morning. I woke up about noon, oddly. I am finishing a bowl of clams before going upstairs to get cleaned up.

Oh, and I topped out at three this week, possibly a new record. omgwtf.

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