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found on Webcollage (politics)

This seems mildly interesting:

It may, in fact, suffice for now. They probably should've just linked (they do reference it) to the
UNDHR and stopped there. Do link on over to the DHR if you haven't read it in awhile. It's worth the read both because of the surprises you may find in it, and as a guide for how much work is still ahead of us to fulfill the vision of President Wilson and the others.

I found it through this blogspot, which is quite a bit more interesting: City of Brass. The site is named for an ancient Arab legend of a lost city. The top post is praise for David Ben-Gurion, including a paragraph quote from him late in his life that is .. well, powerful, I suppose. A few posts earlier he posts on the Euston Manifesto. He posts a snippet from the preamble, and then explains why he thinks it's a strong statement he agrees with.

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