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Uh, what?

Left work about 0:45. Came home, surfed1, put dead cell phone down to charge, watched Adult Swim, and managed to crash by 5 or so.

10:30 AM: Cell phone's alarm starts going off. I cllimb up off couch and push button, opening and closing phone .. whatever, it stops. I pee ( I think that was here) and I lie back down.

17:10 : I resume conciousness again and start pinging people at work on IM. I now recall waking and dozing maybe twice before that. I fetch the phone to find out what the alarm was set for, and have to turn it on to do so ...

And now, I'm watching Totally Spies, eating peanutbutter crackers, and pondering the amusing snippetts of dream I can recall.
(while IMing and posting this).

And later: Uh. Went to dinnner with Bet. Stayed up until early watching Alias and then Batman Begins (very nice, although the ending has some ethical quandaries) and trying to install various OS in Q. Crashed by about 6, while trying to install Solaris yet again. Phone alarm sounded dutifully at 10:30, shut it off. Heard powerbook chime the hours of 11, and 1 PM and then I dragged my ass into work. Partial explanation: one glass of sweet tea at dinner and some chocaltely ice cream much later ... but at the time, how could I've believed I would crash before dawn? Argh.

1: f3ar my skillz, I am up to date with sluggy, MT, and QC!

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