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Well, a few more failed computer OS installs. Seems like the (newer) Dapper ppc install disc is junk, or the optical in the (newer) kitchen iMac is. Further, barbie's IDE chips seem to contain the malfunction, as the new harddrive misbehaved simillarly to the old one (255 Heads? 128 Heads? 16 Heads? No ..) Amusingly, the WD drive label only provides the following as drive parameters: "LBA". Thanks, guys.

There have been some pointless updates to the whole Doraville trying to take my lunch money for driving home on I-285 thing. As suggested by some fairly wankish websites I am going to request a continuance in my next correspondance. I will also probably have to request a printed copy of the citation, as I cannot make out the officer's chicken scratch to actually find the law they allege I broke. It looks like "40-7-187" but I couldn't find one of those in this handy unofficial GA code listing (That code is the one I sent email to about and quoted in that email).

In somewhat better news, between recent Amazon foolishness and stopping by Soulcrest Borders (alas, there was no polychromatic22) I am well supplied with reading ( Brother Cadfael 2, Secretary screenplay, some magazines), and (after Dr Who last night), I finally prevailed over the boss that had been stumping me in FFX (flashy!). (How? By power levelling and maximizing the cheese level of all my characters and all of my GFs, of course). I was rewarded with a long romantic sequence between the lead boy and lady, which was quite pretty, if absurd.

The kitteh (who bathes kittehself) requests that I feed myself (and the kitteh) now.
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