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Okay, I give.

Allright, that's enough for me.

I'm going home, and I want off Earth, too. These humans, they are too stupid.

And you all wonder, what could possibly tip me over the edge after the fantabulous day I have had at work, waking up to actual drama in vidicon's LJ, kicking petulaant servers, ignoring petulant users and running up and down the stairs for no apparent reason half the day .. and that's just the easy to explain stuff ..

Not to mention the whole .. not only have I not gotten any actual work done yet this week, I have not even been able to make my list of things to work on this week. It will be Thursday by the time I post this ...

What, you ask? What could it be that just completely kicks the bucket, jumps the shark and [insert idiom here] ?

You know you want to click

I didn't believe it either, so I checked G News, too.

For the younglings, here's the historical reference.

Edit: And then I just helped some poor woman find out where her 8:00 AM class is. *exuent stage right*

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