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So, I'm slacking, not going in at all today. Maybe tomorrow.

When I left the office at 3:30, I had gotten so much done finally, and it felt great. I had finally found the switch that I had misset that was borking file shares on the new server.
There were some juicy troubleshooting tips in a tome I hadn't gotten a chance to work through yet. A few hours of reading and trying things from ACSA Vol I and I found my error, by adding a catchall syslog entry:
"*.* /var/log/sysbarf"
and enabling DS logging ( "sudo killall -USR1 DirectoryService").
I then set up all the new fileshares, with the new groups. I piddled around at trying to get all of my crap onto a Network Home, but really couldn't (too much crap for LAN speed). (So that all gets chalked up as exercising the fileserver and the RAID ;) I was still feeling fine, and it was only about 2.
So then, I unboxed the new router and read over all of the docu that came with it, and a couple bits on the OEM's website. Easy enough. I slotted the card in, and brought my laptop downstairs to plug it in to the router. A hour total was spent arguing with the clunky Java applet configuration wizard, and then the router was up and partially configured (as a client). (I will have to at least lookup all of the CLI commands that entailed). I poked the Java cruft a few more times to try and configure the serial link (DSU), filling in what I knew, leaving defaults, guessing some, and it seemed to work. I then borrowed the T for a few minutes to check the serial link, and it seemed to ping the next hop just fine (!). Replacing the T in the current router, I fled quickly.

A needlessly long but comfortable dinner at WaHo had me consume a grilled chicken sandwich plate (topped) and ... I ordered a cup of decaf. Never thought that'd happen. It was in the 4 AM hour, and I still needed to go home, sleep and probably come back in today (cf: slacking). I also got though the first three chapters of A Morbid Taste for Bones, the first Brother Cadfael mystery.

Home, crash, asleep around five ... I didn't feel at all well waking up at 10:30, but managed to prevail though a hot bath and lots of calm breathing. Once calmed, I was able to get back asleep, waking again at 3 or so. I must say I feel quite good now.

Now there are video games and anime that must be dealt with ;)
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