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Wow. So many noteworthy things happened this weekend that this post has been hard to compose, and I'm only inputting it Sunday evening. There was a big party Saturday .. really big for here. I think we topped out at 20 momentarily, with maybe two dozen guests total.

It has been revealed that our neighbours are, in fact, actually, members of an evil cult. I resisted the urge to play a particular South Park episode while they were in the room. And then today, I helped them move furniture.

It was revealed that E works with A, although he knows her as R. Fascinating, no?

There was a nearly complete set of my ,er, {previous and current} girlfriends at the party. (Yes, that is the best phrasing my weak little mind could manage, move along.) In further proof that I am not a guy, I am still on good terms with all of them (that I can find). Still it was more than a bit odd having a collection of them in the kitchen simultaneously.

There were some popular kids at the party, too, and they were reasonably well-behaved.

I ended up with a guest for the weekend, and tried to display good hospitality. She seems to have enjoyed herself. I'm sure I did. We also both benefited from the time away from things, it seems.

I have a room again, and even a bookshelf. No functioning workstation in there yet, but two monitors lurk.

I got wooed on OkCupid. Still no actual messages, but *shrug*

Kitteh hid for most of the party, but seems to have incurred no new damage.

Underworld: Evolution was terrible, but not really bad enough to be noteworthy, as noted by many LJers before me. Perhaps the greatest letdown is that Ms. Beckensale wears the same PVC catsuit, corset, and boots from the first film nearly all thoroughout the second film. Also, despite the baffling plot and it's unexplained resolution, a third film seems to be threatened. Hopefully Ms. Beckensale's people can get her some new clothes, perhaps from Ms. Jovovich's people.

Monday is a bank holiday, and the boss is still out of town. Going in to work tomorrow is still a possibility, but not an appealing one.
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