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Saturday Night

I passed Saturday night quite pleasantly.

After we finally left work, I found myself quite hungry, and considering my options of RaceTrac and Waffle House, quickly embraced the latter and swung by the bank before returning to the WaHo.

The place was effectively deserted, and the server was distinctly unperturbed when I asked if I could stay awhile and read. I devoured grits, raisin toast (at his suggestion) , eggs, and then shortly thereafter a waffle and a plate of bacon, all washed down with glasses and water and a glass of milk.

I noshed fervently for quite awhile, and as my hunger subsided, I opened the tome I had brought with me and began to read. Chuckling frequently as I worked thorugh the introduction and gasping in places at the script introductions, I made me way though fair half of Volume Three of the Babylon 5 Scripts (plug: The pink t-shirt is on the coffee table and I'm wearing the camisole). I crunched ice cubes and read for quite some time. As I was finishing up "A Race Through Dark Places", I was starting to tire, so I paid the check and came on home. (Home is too far from work.)

I feel I should say something about the responses I got to the latter half of my insomnia post, but I can't conceive of anything appropriate. Thank you for your interest and comments.So, the owner has a pvc maid, which fits me just fine, and has at different time bought me heels, boots, and most recently white pvc .. um .. well, they're hot pants .. which does not at all explain all of that stuff, but that is where the bra, gloves, and apron come in anyway .. The PVC maid (somewhat like this one) comes with a dinky little apron that probably makes a better hairdressing ... which is all the explanation I have to offer for that listing other than that she asked me to get some liquid latex for some scheme she came upon at the con. The PVC gloves would match the outfit, but are apparently quite a pain to deal with, so I think something like these
would be nicer...
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