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This Weekend?

I read the second volume of the Babylon 5 scripts, watched many hours of Twilight Zone ( and a little Naruto). I played a little Dungeon Siege II (demo) and it drove me back to Dungeon Siege, where I finally finished the Utreaen campaign. I poked at a couple DS one mods, including a Diablo II-esque one called Elemental which was pretty nifty (in alpha). I played a great deal of Darwinia which is both rewarding and quite frustrating (damnable triffids).

I went to Wal-Mart on the evening of New Year's. It was crowded, mildly surreal, and generally uninteresting.

Today I drove for about two hours, resulting in ferrying T and B back up to her car so they could go home after their holiday.

Tonight I poked at my OkCupid profile and read over a few profiles of the suggested matches. I respect the site admin's mathematical abilities but fear I have given them too little useful data to work with.

It is about time for a new website. I shall have to write up some more interesting bits before I do that though. Here's the stuff that's up there now:
My self-summary:I'm a geek with a short attention span and I seem to see the negative side of things to the exclusion of the rest. I like fiddling with things (computers, [[languages]]) but I rarely stick with anything long enough to achieve mastery. I quite enjoy stimulating conversation and flirting, but would rather be [[reading]], studying, or [[hacking]]. I am quite acustomed to being alone and am able to amuse
myself for long stretches of time, although rarely without technology.

It has been suggested that I spend more time with other people.

Things I have been interested in include computer programming, Japanese, utilitarian altruism, constitutional law, chaos theory, cross-stitch, archaelogy, German, anthropology, cryptography,
travel abroad, Spanish, religions, celluar automata, role-playing games, logic problems, origami, theater, niche operating systems, martial arts, gymnastics ... I seem to always come back to languages, computers, and teaching. And of course, the video games.

What I'm doing with my life: I have not finished my bachelor's degree, in no small part because I haven't found any one field of study interesting enough to fight through.

I am journeyman sysadmin of minor talent and some skill. I make a modest living by doing work that is beneath the attention of the more talented and more successful, and by working for more er, interesting patrons. Work drives me crazy, but it has afforded me some independence and money for books and video games.

I want to teach more classes, but I don't have the experience or the confidence to teach in the field in which I actually work, or the knowledge to teach in any other. Oh, and I'm short on paperwork.

I'm really good at:I seem to be good with languages. I know a tiny little bit about quite a number of things, and a great deal about a handful of things.

I'm good at explaining things, using symbols, metaphor, and yes, whiteboards when useful.

I understand complex systems with little difficulty and can keep them in my head.

The first thing(s) people usually notice about me:I have longish hair, almost always in a ponytail, long nails and a perpetually scruffy beard.

Apparently the kilt drew some attention, but it's a bit cold for it now.

I keep quite a few useful things about my person. A few tools appear on my belt, and this has drawn some notice on occassion.

My favorite (a) books (b) movies (c) music (d) foodsI read more fiction (science fiction, fantasy, classics) than non-fiction (math, computers, history), and chide myself about it. Fiction lately has included Cory Doctorow's work, the novel Johnathan Strange and Mister Norell and the Babylon 5 script books. I'm making less progress on the non-fiction, including The Road to the Universe and Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid. I grew up on Heinlein, which explain some things about me.

I like suspenseful movies, epic science fiction and fantasy, and some comedy. I am also quite a fan of bad movies, which are often quite entertaining. I am, of course, an old fan of bad television.

I like pretty music in various forms. I typically listen to '[[chick music]]' and listen to Liz Phair quite a bit, as well as Sarah MacLachlan, Tori Amos, et alia. I also like some of the more ambient techno, like ENIGMA and Delerium.

I eat meat, nuts, starches and some of the things cooked with them. Shrimp is perhaps my favorite food. Sushi is marvelous, and I prefer nigiri (unagi!) to rolls most of the time. I quite like Japanese, Thai, Chinese, Tex-Mex, Italian, Greek ... actually every kind of food I've tried. Breakfast in Paris was marvelous, and quite good in England. I can make a passable omelette, can cook and serve pasta, have wokked up some stir fry, and have made meatloaf and lasagna nearly from scratch.

The SIX things I could never do without:Absolute negatives are foolish. That said, I am rarely found without a small computer, a phone, pen and paper, a blade and fire. I usually have a screwdriver and a torch (or light of some sort), and my shoulder bag is just full of useful things.

I spend a lot of time thinking about:Besides work related things (code objects, servers), my mind flits about quite a bit. I'm influenced directly by what I read, watch and hear.

Driving alone seems to often lead to me brooding about the state of my life.

I study languages for fun.

On a typical Friday night I am:Reading, hacking, playing video games, and possibly writing, in front of the television.

In season last year I did this at a friend's apartment. I am considering making some appearances at the Margarita Fridays gatherings this new year.

The most private thing I'm willing to admit here is:Some emotions are easier to fake than to have.

Forced socialization is a necessary part of any plan for me if I am ever to attach strongly to another person.

I am a libertine and a prude, often simultaneously. To Voltaire's quote I have often added "and I don't want to listen to it either."

I am not that private of a person. I have learned to hold back the sharper bits because of strong reactions.

Happy New Year all!
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