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Work in 2005

Since I ended up writing up a list of all the stuff I did in 2005 here at work (as job titles are laughable around here at best), I figured I'd post it:

OpenDoc Text or look under the cut

	Assisted completion and release of ExamSim 1.0:
		wrote minor modules, tested builds
		tools support: compilers, IDEs, version control (fink, svn)
	Assisted Completion and release of ExamSim 1.6:
		wrote minor modules, tested builds
		wrote experimental keying system, front and back (not used)
		tools support: compilers, IDEs, version control (fink, svn)
	Assisted in Requirements gathering for new database
		participated in several meetings with staff and management
		brainstorming on initial design ideas
		some initial tools work (rails, mysql)

Network Infrastructure:
	planned and rolled out Mac OS X Tiger Server with Open Directory on XServe
	planned and implemented simple access control on all company machines
	planned and rolled out Apple Remote Desktop management software
	planned and rolled out Mac OS X Server VPN (PPTP)
	migrated mail service (smtp/imap/webmail/lists) to Mac OS X Tiger on Xserve
	consolidated DNS from old servers to Xserves
	planned and rolled out Mac OS X Server iChat Server Instant Messaging (jabber ssl)
	rolled out VNC remote access software to multiple workstations and servers
	helped plan, reorganize and re-cable server room (on going)
	helped document building network ports
	helped upgrade server battery backups
	migrated FileMaker database service to internal network and VPN
	developed, tested, and deployed filtering firewall device (firebridge)
	planned and tested group file shares (in progress)
	co-developed major IT improvements proposal to Board
	planned and assisted migration of company from MS Office to and iWork
	helped to achieve and verify software license compliance (in progress)
	co-developed purchase priority list
	co-developed inventory of company computer hardware (hwinv)
	co-presented IT updates at monthly company meetings
	helped deploy workstation machine for Consulting dept.
User Support:
	in person, on phone, email, and IM user support
	deployed and troubleshooted Win and Mac portables and workstations
	troubleshooting Mac, Win, Linux, and Solaris workstations and servers
	troubleshooting HP, Kyocera, and Xerox printers and Mac OS X Server Printing (cups)
	troubleshooting user internet connectivity (wired and wireless)
	troubleshooting user print functionality
	installation and troubleshooting of system software including:
		MS Windows 2000, 2000 Server
		Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther), 10.4 (Tiger), 10.4 Server
		Debian GNU/Linux (sarge), Ubuntu Linux (breezy), OpenBSD (3.7, 3.8)
	installation and troubleshooting application software including:
		bundled Mac applications: Preview, X11,  
		MS Office Pro (Windows) 2 (and NeoOffice/J 1.x)
		FileMaker 6 Pro
		Adium IM, Fugu sftp, PDFLab pdf mangler, 
		vendor apps: ADP PC Payroll, AMA CPT Archives, Xerox XDS Plus
	installation and troubleshooting of unix packages and tools (fink,ports: fondu,fontforge)
	taught basic Mac OS X usage and built-in applications class (Intro to Mac, Mac Life)
	assisted in basic iWork and OpenOffice applications class
	many backups, data migrations, virus scans, and  system re-installations, Mac, Win, and Server

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