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Today (Bah)

.. I crawled out of bed, played morrow-crack for about four hours (kept crashing on me), finally got out of the house to Target, bought housewarming present and tacky bag, went to housewarming ..

Good party. I had quite a few laughs at various funny stories and sayings, and got to geek out deeply with someone I'd just met (but everyone else knew awhile) about some recently acquired hobbies (SL, CoH). I left at about midnight, before I got tired.

Bah coupling, bah people, bah. (Nearly) Everyone at the party had someone they were not only with but actively playing/cuddling with.

I was pretty bah! all the way home. Our neighbor is throwing a bash for his thirtieth, and it seems quite the party. He gave me a hug and invited me in, which assures me he must be enjoying himself, as we're ordinarilly barely on polite speaking terms. I hugged him back and agreed to his insistence that there' food and drink inside, but I went on in the house and got undressed. I think it would be tremendously awkward for me to circulate there, and I'm already full of sandwiches, chocolates, and a nummy miniature cheesecake.

As an empath it's pretty hard to stay upset when there are that many people sending happy at you, and strangely, I think I'm a little less tired than I was pulling into the complex. Maybe I'll be able to get some reading, or at least gaming in the next few hours before I crash.

The wall's rattling, but it doesn't bother me much. That is quite odd.
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