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Whining (mark II)

School is going as well as ever, which is to say not well.. I really should back out of this term before it gets any closer to its dreadful conclusion. I was unable to complete (on time or otherwise) short essays for either class which are part of midterm grades. I have not yet completed my work for either class for this week (nevermind the last two weeks of it). In both classes I have a longer paper due at the end of term (less than one month from now), as well as the weekly assignments and in one class, some work I need to do for my group assignment. (in the other, another essay, done online as the final) Before that, and ignoring assignments so late they are no longer worth anything, I have to try (and fail) to put up with crap like this:

Who are the 100 Most Interesting/Most Important Individuals in Western Culture – Prehistory to the 14th Century Transition?
[form from Newsweek omitted] Write a five paragraph essay explaining why this individual should be included on the list of 100 Most Important or Most Interesting Individuals in Western Culture?

Finally, pretend this individual was still alive today. Write a news article about something this individual might do if he or she were alive today. Your article should be written in the style of a news article as it might appear in an actual newspaper or on the internet. It should be a minimum of three paragraphs long.

... the assignment for the end of term 'research paper' in one class. The other is some dreck about the global environment of business.

If I don't somehow have both of these 'research papers' finished in the next two weeks, as well as making some great progress on the group work, another shorter paper (paraphrase the basics of Mazlow's hiearchy?!), and the weekly work for the other class, I cannot possibly finish these classes. Oh, and I have to go to work, where there is a great deal to be done, and there's plenty of housework not getting done here.

[Missing, a lost paragraph of whining about the futile search for useful political commentary in the religious blathering of St Augustine of Hippo in the presented excerpts of City of God, and the digust at reading compelling accounts of Christian martyrs (self righteous suicide) and Augustine's wishiwashiness and final, hallucinogic conversion when I am supposed to be trying to follow the art styles of the Western and Eastern Roman Empire...]

In particular it is just fabulously convincing for A to start his idea of the two cities in the Mosaic creation myth. The City of Men and the City of God are from Cain and Abel. It is helpful, if irrelevant for him to point out that all natural things (viz men) are evil, and can only become good through god (which seems to contradict Moses, but oh well):

By grace,--for so far as regards himself he is sprung from the same mass, all of which is condemned in its origin: but God,like a potter (for this comparison is introduced by the apostle judiciously, and not without thought), of the same lump made one vessel to honor, another to dishonor.(1) But first the vessel to dishonor was made, and after it another to honor. For in each individual, as I have already said, there is first of all that which is reprobate, that from which we must begin, but in which we need not necessarily remain; afterwards is that which is well-approved, to which we may by advancing attain, and in which, when we have reached it we may abide. Not, indeed, that every wicked man shall be good, but that no one will be good who was not first of all wicked but the sooner any one becomes a good man, the more speedily does he receive this title, and abolish the old name in the new.
On the Two Cities:

Helps to explain Catholic doctrine which deomonizes the human body and many other 'natural' things. Also a good setup for Original Sin, one of the dirtiest card tricks ever played on a mark.

I'm going to go take a shower.

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