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nil.enroll(aetheric_username, quantum_class_id)

Er, well, I plead illness

I've been sick quite a few mornings of late (say, the last three weeks?) and peculiarly so the last two days. It hits when I crawl out of bed or otherwise awake in the morning. Which observations does not explain why I'm here at 'work' alone at, uh 1:37 AM localtime, but it could if you wanted it to a bit harder..

My energy level slides from 'bleh I feel awful' all the way to 'Huh, I feel slightly less crappy than I did. too bad I still don't have the energy to do anything that requires, uh, thinking" in about a two hour cycle. An hour ago I was thinking, "Well, I'll just get this Mac a little farther along, and then maybe I'll drive home and crash." By then I was the only one here, as Farmer Andy had left. Now, even the cup of tea I just downed isn't budging the blech which I'm not driving home under the influence of if I can help it. I suppose I could use A's sleeping bag. That would be a bit crass. I did attempt to turn off the flow of cold air. It seems to have stopped getting colder in here since then.

I am actually getting some work-like things done, but due to mental blech I haven't been able to do any brain work, so no progress on my homework backlog, or on Open Directory. I've been building up the graphics workstation, and have it reinstalled, mostly patched, and fink is chugging away building base libraries. I can tell it to build gnome and then leave, as it will take it more than a day to do that (smirk), if I felt up to driving home (don't). I could print some more Tiger manuals if the printers were up, but both B&W printers seem to be resting (cough) this week.

A junk food infusion has not proved beneficial. Chocolate is failing me, and the asorbic acid in the apple juices I drank doesn't seem to have phased my blech (because it's psychosomatic, not immunological, whee). Mmm, tepid tea.

*blink* *squint* Oh, and still no word from that phone screen I did Monday.

A bit later: maybe I should just hit the road. It's almost 2 and I don't forsee the meager 'more energetic than this' swinging back my way. And now for the most important declaration of this whole post:

If I feel anywhere near this bad when I wake up again, I will not be coming into work, damnit.

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