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Places to go, people to see, lemmings to squish

No one is expected to parse this, save myself and at most two other individuals.
An appropriately silly name for the protocol thingy: p2gp2s or ptgpts
// places to go, people to see

The answer for how to generate a GUID from a FQDN-space:
// where I am now in meatspace, incidentially
is to use a crypto hash (SHA128 or maybe MD5). I thought of this
moments after I hit the road. I still have not yet divined the question
this answers, unfortunately ;)

I figure we can while away a good while hashing out the schema before
worrying about anything else. Everything is a container...
Nothing seem to convince LJ not to parse *ML twas below :(

So I moved it: here

I figure to keep all the / foo.ptgpts files in one common directory
(~/public_html/ptgpts/ perhaps) and let the node reform the object tree on
demand (rather than trying to mirror it in the FS or web URI..

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