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Dot Mac Sync glitch

Posted to an Apple form. I will allegedly have a response in 48 hours:
20:12 16 Febuary: Bounced off Billing Support, pasted into different form on same site.
It is again alleged that I will have a response in 48

Received a dodge reply from Apple. It and my flame are at the bottom of this page.

ISync computer registration loop:

Having just renewed dot Mac for another year, and being unable to fix this myself:

I used Mac OS X Getting Started (Setup to sync my old iBook
rachael (14" dual USB G3 600) to the new work Powerbook fifteen (15" G4 1.5)
with a FireWire cable. I was advised that I needed to reinstall my Palm Sync
software (MarkSpace's Missing Sync), and I did so successfully.

I have never been able to get this computer (fifteen) recognized by iSync / .Mac. Every
time I try it, I get the following:

"Before you can synchronize this computer, you need to register it with the .Mac
synchronization server "[Register]".

click [Register], enter any name, click [continue]

"A computer named "$name" is already registered with the .Mac synchronization
server. If you use the same same name for two different computers, you may lose
your contact and calendar information on all registered computers and devices

You can safely reuse a previously registered name if you are sure it the only
computer now using this name under your .Mac account. [Enter Another Name],
[Use Same Name]"

Either way I always get:

"This computer was registered with .Mac but .Mac does not appear to recognize it anymore.
It was likely unregisistered from another computer. To continue to synchronize with .Mac,
please register this computer again. [Okay]"

And okay takes us around again. Help?

The only other thing I can think of is that my Mac account is setup to beta iSync 2.0 with
Tiger. Please contact me if you need more data. I can send you Apple System Profile reports
for both machines easily enough.

A reply: 22 Febuary 2005 around 11:00 AM
Dear Ben,

Thank you for contacting Apple.

Unfortunately, we cannot assist you with applications and Operating Systems not yet released by Apple. It is possible that renaming your computer in the Sharing preferences could help your issue, but we are simply speculating.

For more information about high-level uses and implementation of unreleased versions of Mac OS X please refer to the Apple Developer Connection at <>

[and Added this footer to the one Billing support put on it]:
Alternate email:

OS Version: 10.3.8

Connection Type: Local Area Network

TrackID: 524032

and My flame:
Hi Support,

Right. Well, if you'd looked over my data you might have seen that the affected computer is
running 10.3.8 which is released and supported. I am not asking you about the third party app, just providing information (that it won't work due to iSync not well, Syncing.)

Interestingly, the unreleased non-existing beta tools you shun are way better than the stuff in 10.3.x. It seems that everytime I had tried to rename the computer (as per your suggestion, but weeks ago) it had added a new, never-synched entry for each of the variant names. I have since deleted all of the useless permutations of fifteen from that list ... but it still gives me same crap here on fifteen in 10.3.8.

So, if my dotmac account is fscked-up because of the Tiger beta metadata, then tell me that, and offer to fix it. If you are merely unwilling to assist me with what is in all likelihood a simple problem, then tell me that, and I will cheerfully cancel my Dot Mac account and have my card company charge back the $100 USD you guys got for this year.

Help me , would you?

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